School AcousticsPoor classroom acoustics degrades the educational process for all students and teachers. It is also true to say that noise and reverberation can be selective barriers to learning.Young children, adult learners, and persons with hearing, language, speech, attention deficit or other learning disabilities are especially vulnerable to marginal or poor acoustics.Unlike the majority of spaces that we are asked to deal with, schools have a clear set of guidelines on target reverberation times.These are set out in the document ‘Acoustic design of schools: performance standards’ commonly referred to simply as BB93Reverberation in teaching and study spacesObjectives and definitions The objective is to provide suitable reverberation times (RTs) for: • clear communication of speech between teacher and student • clear communication between students • music teaching and performanceWe regularly undertake acoustic surveys and install treatment at schools right across the country and have installed from Aberdeenshire to Devon.If you would like more information on school acoustics or simply to request a survey, please contact us at or call on 01823400321Examples of our work can be seen on the gallery and testimonials can be seen by clicking here.

At Woolly Shepherd we specialise in working alongside teachers of the deaf and SENCO to create the best educational environment for all students and teachers. Click on image below for article: