We offer two types of acoustic survey, both designed to help us establish whether our products are the right solution for your problem and if they are, how much product is needed and where.

On Site Acoustic Survey. (Request an on-site survey quotation)

Acoustic Survey

Click Here for details about our Onsite Surveys.

Remote Assessment Acoustic Survey


For our remote survey we do not accept any payment for ourselves but we do ask that you make a minimum donation of £25.00 to our chosen charity.

This year, we are supporting the superb work of ‘Chloe’s and Sophie’s Special Ears Fund’ a charity that is very close to our hearts.

Please use this new link your make your donation



For remote surveys please use our new Remote Survey Form https://www.woollyshepherd.co.uk/remote-survey-form  or email us the following details:

  • Length and width, in metres, of the spaces/rooms you wish to treat.
  • Height of walls, in metres, from the floor to eaves/wall plate.
  • Highest point of the ceiling, if not flat.
  • Please provide us with photographs taken with your back to each room corner, facing toward the diagonally opposing corner.(sample photos: https://www.woollyshepherd.co.uk/sample-remote-survey-stills/ ). If your ceiling is particularly high or has a number of fittings (lights, ducts etc), please take a second set of photographs, angling the camera upwards to include the higher parts of the It is far better to have as many photographs as possible as this will make the process of arranging the layout of panels much easier.
  • A short video (sample video: https://www.woollyshepherd.co.uk/remote-survey-sample-video/ ) , walking around the space, talking as you walk and panning up at the ceiling from time to time, to show any fittings such as lights and ducting. Although optional, this will be extremely useful in showing what the issues areand the worst affected areas. These videos can then be sent via: https://wetransfer.com to info@woollyshepherd.co.uk
  • The main activities that the space will be used for.
  • How would you describe the current problem (what made you seek help)?
  • Full contact details including telephone numbers for future/ongoing and site address
  • Are there any of our products that you would specifically like us to quote for? e.g. clouds, stone circles, rectangles or ellipses (see our product page for further information)

  • Please indicate whether you would like us to install the products for you, or whether you intend to make your own arrangements. (Full instructions are provided in our installation manual).
  • If you could download the Clapreverb application which measure reverberation times (free of charge with no subscription) it would be very helpful for us to know the results. 
  • Clapreverb: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/clapreverb/id1407467855



Please note if you send plans to show layouts, these must be annotated with the actual dimensions as requested above.


We appreciate that this may seem a lot of information to request from you, but in order to produce an accurate remote assessment, it is vital that we know as much as possible about the space in question.


Payment for surveys


If you choose the remote survey option, we ask that you notify us as soon as you have made your donation to enable us to forward your report and quotation to you.


If you choose an onsite survey, we will email an invoice to you as soon as it is booked. The invoice will be marked for immediate payment and we ask that, where possible, this is paid prior to our technician’s visit. We appreciate that in instances where surveys are booked at short notice this may not always be possible in which case, we ask that payment is received prior to the issue of your report and quotation.