We believe that work should be something that gives satisfaction as well as income; that it can be fun and that we should all be able to be proud of what we do.

To that end, we try to treat people working with us well, we source locally and, where this is not possible, we try to buy organic and/or Fairtrade products so that we know the standards that are being applied are fair and not exploiting people.

On occasions where we cannot source either locally or through certified sources, we make sure we speak to the people who actually visit the factories so that we know what conditions are like on the ground and to ensure that the manufacturers comply with local labor laws.

Our fabrics come from a small Welsh company that imports Fairtrade and organic goods directly from the people who make them in India.

Our wool comes from farmers and smallholders we know where possible, with top-ups from UK wool only. We do not buy or use any imported wool at all.

For more on ethical trading please follow this link