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“We would never teach reading in a classroom without lights. Why then would we teach in ‘acoustic darkness’? Speaking to a class, especially of younger children, in a room with poor acoustics, is akin to turning out the light.”
Professor John Erdreich (Fellow Acoustical Society of America)

Early Days

Ever since its earliest engagement, in 2012, with two deaf charities, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People and Chloe’s and Sophie’s Special Ears Fund, the Woolly Shepherd Limited has actively sought to support the improvement of acoustic environments that disadvantage and exclude those with SEN. In those very early days, we had extremely limited experience of the impact of poor room acoustics on those with SEN and we were led almost entirely by written guidance (BB93) and advice from the time served Acousticians, Audiologists and the Chief Executives of these charities.

Supporting Charities

The results achieved in these early installations were very well received and the feedback extremely rewarding, adding a whole new value to our work.
This in turn led to a strong desire, within our business, to actively support these life changing charities. So we started to ask our customers to make donations to these charities in return for conducting remote acoustic surveys, in situations where a professional onsite survey is considered to be unnecessary or too expensive. 

Building Relationships

Over the years, through the relationships we have built with key specialists in this field, we have established a growing reputation as a company with integrity and a genuine compassion for people that our work supports.
Our acoustic absorbers have been installed, extensively across the buildings at the head office of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, at numerous school across the South of England funded by Chloe’s and Sophie’s Special Ears Fund, at The Elizabeth Foundation, at Cardiff Hearing, at Southampton University Auditory Implant Unit, at Aston Hearing, Guide Dogs for the Blind, Somerset Sight and numerous schools and nurseries across the country, supporting people with Special Educational Needs.
For more information on our products or to discuss an acoustic survey for your school or workplace, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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