Cloud Maker wanted.

We use this page to advertise positions that we have available, but we are always keen to hear from highly motivated individuals, at any time, who feel that they have valuable skills and knowledge to bring to our existing team.

Trainee Cloud Maker (manufacturer of acoustic absorbers)

Due to increased demand, both nationally and internationally, we are looking to recruit trainee cloud makers (acoustic absorber makers), with a view to full or part time employment.

Cloud-makers are highly skilled manual workers, following precise patterns and methods to produce top quality technical products to a specific timetable. This requires energy, a professional attitude to work and a commitment to high standards. In return, we offer a positive, open and supportive work environment with fair pay and flexibility.

You will be expected to :

● Learn through a blend of spoken, visual, written and hands-on training.
● Cut wool felts – the felts are on a large roll and cut on a workshop floor using either hand shears or a repeating knife (full training given).
● Cut soft wood fibre boards – some of these are cut on a bench using a jigsaw, some are cut on the workshop floor using a repeating knife (full training given).
● Assemble absorbers – this is done at a work station/table and involves the use a variety of hand tools including hand shears, crimping tools, wire cutters, felting needles and occasionally a pneumatic stapler.
● Pack absorbers – you will learn to visually and physically assess colleague’s work, cut packaging material and wrap products, as well as packing products into cardboard boxes and palletising these ready for collection.
● As and when required, you will also be asked to help, on occasion, with the unloading of 20kg – 25kg rolls of felt and storing them on warehouse shelving. This is done with full regard to health and safety and rolls are always carried by two people.

Essential skills include:

● An ability to integrate with and work as part of, a small and diverse team of very focused people.
● An adaptability and willingness to take on new challenges when required.
● An ability to work to tight deadlines and to perform to a consistent high standard under pressure
● An ability to produce very neat and precisely finished work.
● Good punctuality.
● Consistently strong manual skills skills required to perform all aspects of the required work (cutting, assembling, finishing and packing) to an equally high standard.

The initial training period will be four weeks, for full time workers and up to twelve weeks for part time workers. After this, an assessment will be made. Further progression will depend on the trainee’s work reaching a sufficiently high standard.

Prior to starting an initial training period with us, you will first be invited to attend an introductory, three hour, taster session at our workshop, in Wellington. This will enable you to get a feel for the type of work you would be expected to carry out and the environment in which you would be expected to work.

• Salary: TBC

• Where: Wellington, Somerset

• Period: One year initial contract

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