It is surprising to us how few restaurant proprietors take into account the importance of acoustics when they are designing their new venue, because in our experience and according to a recent survey we carried out, excessive noise is one of the first things customers notice. In fact, poor acoustics is one of the most commonly cited reasons why people choose not to return to a noisy restaurant.

The cause is usually straightforward – the removal or lack of soft furnishings such as carpets, curtains and seat upholstery, and can be remedied with Natural Acoustics British wool clouds (these can be rectangular or oval as well as cloud-shaped) and/or wall boards, depending on the shape and style of your space.

Ocean Bar and Restaurant

“Woolly Shepherd provided Ocean with a great all-round service, working with us to identify and resolve our acoustic issues in a large dining area. The sound proofing solution provided has not only addressed our acoustic issues but has also added to the aesthetics of the environment creating a much improved customer experience. I would certainly recommend.” Simon Davey, Exmouth Area Manager, LED Leisure Management Ltd

The Beaufort In Bath

“The clouds are an absolute dream and I’m sure we’ll have the money back in a few months with people wanting to stay longer and therefore spend more. Before they were fitted a day would not go past without a comment on the questionable acoustics of the room since they have gone up we have not had a single complaint only compliments for the clouds on aesthetics as well as better sound” Robbie Tack, Owner

Clavelshay Barn Restaurant

“I don’t notice the acoustics now, whereas before I was very aware that some customers found it too noisy. We used to take care to move people with hearing difficulties to a quieter area, but now, thanks to the new acoustic clouds, customers can have an intimate conversation without having to raise their voices. We are delighted with the acoustic clouds and panels and we would recommend their use in any spaces with acoustic problems.” Sue Milverton, Owner

The George Inn Bristol

The clouds can be used to stand out as a feature as in the George Inn, Bristol or the Notley Arms, Somerset, but they can also be surprisingly unobtrusive, blending with the decor where needed.

They are suitable for small, intimate venues or large commercial dining spaces, including the huge works canteen at the Met Office in Exeter, pictured below. They were interested in a range of clotted cream, heather grey and bespoke dark grey clouds, which represent the weather in the southwest perfectly. The fact that all our wool is British is an added bonus.

Another common type of restaurant that is in great need of acoustic help is the converted barn. These buildings make fabulous venues and we applaud the use of natural materials – stone, cob, timber etc – but they often need help to make them less noisy and to absorb some of the clatter and buzz of any successful restaurant.