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Graphcore contacted Woolly Shepherd to discuss the reverberation in several of their Bristol office spaces. With the rooms being used as conference rooms with remote conference calling systems installed.

Clients and staff were finding it difficult to understand each other, especially when using telephone speaker systems. Due to the complexity of the ceiling spaces and the severity of the acoustic problem we used suspended clouds and stone clusters combined.

The results were even better than expected and we have now fitted there other offices in the UK and even abroad.


Pure Electric came to us Initially with an acoustic issue in one of their offices. After seeing and hearing the effect our panels had on the staff and their ability, not only to communicate amongst them selves but also with clients on the phone they are fitting all of their offices in the same way.

The latest office to be fitted is the barrelled ceiling office above. Barrelled ceilings are renowned for their acoustic issues with the curved ceilings focusing all the sounds back into the centre of the office and often making them unusable.

After an acoustic survey showed very high levels of reverberation, the above layout of suspended rectangles proved to be a perfect solution transforming the office.