We had a call from John at the Great Wood Trust, they had a new hall set in a beautiful valley of the Quantocks in Somerset. Unfortunately The room was over 12 metres long with a high vaulted ceiling, little in the way of soft furnishings and reflective hard surfaces in all directions. When in use the room can have up to 50 children all talking at once and the noise can be deafening!

We carried out a full acoustic survey of the building and calculated the exact reverberation. When combined with details of the build and dimensions of the hall we could calculate exactly how many panels were need to bring the reverberation time to acceptable levels.

The results were a useable space where staff and children could not only hear each other but relax in the stunning surroundings of the Quantocks hills.


Roger Marshall called Woolly Shepherd in when the new Jubilee Village Hall had not long been completed. The hall was a beautiful and well needed space for the local community however, as we so often find, the acoustics had been overlooked.

After a full acoustic survey was carried out we explained the need for a considerable number of acoustic panels to deal with their reverberation issue.

The hall was used by a number of societies and club including sports and general leisure facilities. The difference to those users, especially the ones with hearing impairments or sensory issues was tremendous.