For our remote survey we do not accept any payment for ourselves but we do ask that you make a minimum donation of £25.00 to our chosen charity.

Please use this link to your make your donation






We have recently tested a phone app, called ClapReverb, alongside our sound meter and found the results, using iPhones, to be very good. The app is free of charge, available on Android and iOS, and does not require a subscription. The app is very simple to use and requires nothing more than hand claps, so we strongly recommend that you use this app and send us the results, in addition to the information requested below.

Please email photographs to taken with your back to each room corner, facing toward the diagonally opposing corner. If your ceiling is particularly high or has a number of fittings (lights, ducts etc), please take a second set of photographs, angling the camera upwards to include the higher parts of the ceiling. It is far better to have as many photographs as possible as this will make the process of arranging the layout of panels much easier.


A short video walking around the space, talking as you walk and panning up at the ceiling from time to time, to show any fittings such as lights and ducting. Although optional, this will be extremely useful in showing what the issues are and the worst affected areas. These videos can then be sent via: to info@martysimmons

N.B We have been testing a new app for Apple phones, which we have used side by side with our sound meter and found the results, thus far, to be very accurate.If you could download the application (free of charge with no subscription) it would be very helpful for us to know the results.

Apple version: