The Limpet

The Limpet was introduced to provide a solution for rooms with lower ceiling heights, where either wall and ceiling combinations were needed or where wall space was at a premium.

As the name suggests, this range of Class A absorbers are mounted flush to the ceiling surface

Initially only available in cloud shapes, we now off this option in any of our standard shapes and are happy to discuss alternatives to these where needed.

The generic data for a meter square of Limpet material can be seen below

Technical Information



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Additional information

Available Colours:

Clotted Cream, Heather Grey or Dove Grey

Optional Dyed Colours:

Red, Golden Yellow, Chocolate, Violet, Emerald, Pink, Sky Blue, Burgundy

Approx. Dimensions:

105cm x 64cm x 6.5cm

Approx Weight



Euroclass fire rated (BS EN ISO 11925-2: 2010) Class E

Magnet Fixing

Each Magnet has a shear strength of 8kg and a pull strength of 20kg

Prices From:

All products are priced according to quantity and frequency of purchase. If you would like a quotation, please call or email us.


Discounts are available, at our discretion, in accordance with quantities purchased and/or frequency of orders.


All limpets are supplied with all of the required fixings and instruction/guidance on installation and aftercare.
All wool components are treated against moth with a chemical called Eulan SPA (approved under the Oekotex 100 certification of textiles). Our suppliers assure us that this process protects the wool for the lifetime of the fibres.