In the ever changing world of home entertainment the creation of specialist spaces for home cinema and listening rooms for the hi-fi enthusiast have become extremely popular.

Beyond the obvious reasons of creating a space where sound is contained and where, subjective, beauty is confined to the eye of the beholder (enthusiast), having a dedicated listening room also permits its designer the luxury of including room treatment.

Home cinema and listening rooms are generally created/designed to create an environment that allows the listener to immerse themselves in an environment that maximises the output of their chosen electrical components – Amplifiers, Blu-ray/DVD player, streaming device/cd player/record deck, loudspeakers etc.

In order to maximise the listening experience in these rooms it is almost always necessary to control the sound that leaves your speakers as it enters your room, to prevent unhelpful early reflections from the side walls, prevent bass from becoming muddy or boomy and generally ensure that you enjoy as much direct sound as possible.

The Woolly Shepherd works with interior designers and AV specialists to make your listening dreams come to fruition, using Natural Acoustics British wool-based absorptive products to help create the optimum sound environment.


We use our own range of acoustic products to achieve this, including:

  • suspended acoustic clouds
  • acoustic wall boards (to match your decor or with a photo cover of your choice)
  • ceiling limpets
  • corner bass traps
  • acoustic speaker wool


To get some ideas for designs, look at our Pinterest board.

All our products are now available via our friends at Audio Destinations in Tiverton, Devon