The Haven Acoustic Screen sits behind the head of a musician playing in an orchestra or concert/brass band set up. The acoustic screen reduces decibel exposure from musicians seated immediately behind them and as a result of the absorptive properties of the shield, the musician playing into the shield is not exposed to reflected sound waves.

The Haven is a vitally important addition to any orchestra or concert band, contributing to a wider strategy for mitigating against the hearing damage sometimes suffered by professional musicians.

This problem has been highlighted by a number of studies – ‘Hearing loss in musicians, not just rock and rollers’

Adjustments to the height of the stand are easily made, as well as the splay of the side panels, making it suitable for standing or sitting musicians.


Height adjustable from 1100mm – 1700mm

Central Panel 420mm x 300mm

Side panels 300mm x 150mm

Weight 6kg


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Woolly Shepherd has worked closely with leading musicians and conductors, to design, develop and manufacture this range of highly effective acoustic screens. Using our unique combination of natural fibres, these acoustic screens provide much needed protection for musicians playing in concert bands and/or orchestras who are regularly exposed to extended periods of high decibel sound from the musicians directly around them.

The Haven has changed my playing life in the studio and I know that my colleagues that use them are really happy with them

Andy Everton
Principal Trumpet BBC National Orchestra of Wales
Brass Tutor Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama

Hearing loss for professional musicians has long been a problem due to prolonged exposure to loud music, whether it’s rock and roll or classical. This is particularly an issue for younger players and those who teach them, who are now becoming aware of the potential dangers of close proximity of instruments.