We have the creative talent to make a range of original, attractive and high effective acoustics products for you that combine aesthetic beauty with technical performance to give you a bespoke, individual look. Call us to discuss your needs on 01823 400321.

Bespoke Felting

Your company logo can be rendered either in natural colours or in your own colours using hand needle-felting processes. This makes a completely original sign and acoustic absorption board in one, saving you money.


Photo Boards

Your favourite image printed on a recycled eco cloth in fine detail – perhaps a family portrait, your pet, a holiday memory, a stunning landscape or a vintage photograph.

The image shown below is a shot of Hanoi street traders taken by photographer Nicky Saunter.



Coloured Acoustic Fabric

When you have a colour scheme to match or you simply need to add a touch of colour, why not look at our range of breathable acoustic fabrics? These can be fitted to any square-edged board or panel – our standard HP boards and any bespoke board size. They are not suitable for cloud covers.


Choose from the colours shown below:

  • red
  • grey
  • black
  • teal
  • yellow
  • brown

Coloured Wool Fabric

We also work with a local company to hand dye to order coloured felted wool for cloud or wall board covers. This comes in a fabulous range of great colours:


Art Felting

Sometimes areas that need acoustic treatment, particularly in homes, are not suitable for large pieces of plain acoustic panelling and a more individual approach is needed. We offer creative art felting as an option, using our own colour range and the natural hues of our British wool felts, we have created pieces that add to the space visually by working closely with our clients.