The Woolly Shepherd offers a range of acoustic services to help customers with acoustic reverberation problems. From the intitial enquiry to the remote or site survey, through to installation, we offer you a personal approach from a knowledgeable team; transparent and highly competitive pricings; and a strong track record backed with recommendations from happy customers.

We also offer a Bespoke Product Service, with a range of coloured covers across most products all featuring British wool. Please ask us for more information.


We offer two main types of survey to help us ascertain what level of acoustic treatment is needed to improve your accoustics.

  • A FREE remote survey which we are using to support our Charity of the Year, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. We are asking customers if they would like to donate £25 to this great charity in return for our survey, which we are still providing at no charge. Contact us NOW to ask for our list of questions for you to complete. Once we have all the information requested, we will email you a report and quote at no cost. This survey has proven extremely accurate in most circumstances. However, without an on-site reading, we will not be able to guarantee outcome readings.
  • A full on-site survey with multiple measurements using the latest equipment, followed by a full written report and quote by email. Prices are from £175 plus VAT and travel costs (within 15 mile radius of us); from £250 plus VAT and travel costs (within 75 miles radius of us); and from £295 plus VAT and travel costs (more than 75 miles away). Please email us to book a survey. This survey offers more accuracy, because of the on-site readings and measurements. It also allows us to see any special details in your environment that might make a difference to your acoustic treatment and gives you an opportunity to ask questions face to face. Please note a survey will require an empty space for accurate measurement of reverberation.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure that we provide you with high quality service that accurately represents the current reverberation time (RT60) of your room(s), it is important to realise that a remote survey is never as reliable as an onsite survey.

Your remote survey will almost always give us a very good approximation of the RT60 and on many occasions we have found remote and onsite measurements to be identical. However, on the odd occasion we have found the difference to be significant, so we would ask you to bear this in mind when reading your report.

In cases where a precise target reverberation time is required, such as for school buildings, where formal guidelines are provided, we would always recommend that you have an onsite survey.


We offer either a DIY option or a full installation service, whereby we deliver and fit your acoustic products and take readings afterwards to make sure we have achieved the absorption levels stated. We will liaise with you before installation with regard to access, parking, opening hours and any special requirements. We usually work in a team of two fitters with either a scaffold tower or stepladders depending on the working heights.